Instead of punching its way through the waves, C-8 flies in silence above the surface.
Instead of following trend of larger motors, we went for efficiency by building a pod motor optimized for hydrofoiling. Instead of creating huge swells, C-8 leaves no wake behind.

Strana is a fully electric powered boat that completely changes the view of what a boat is. A social platform tailored for community and adventure on the lake. Enjoy sea life in harmony with nature. No disturbing engine noise. No pollution.

The perfect tool for professionals. With its 10 years of experience, Naviwatt is the French reference in electric boats. As a design office and designer of electric propulsion and boats, Naviwatt has participated in a large number of innovative projects.

Our vision is to share our knowledge and experience. In order to do this, we create aesthetic and user-friendly motorboats, all respectful of nature.

At RAND Boast, we heavily invest in research and development to create the best experiences at sea. In that case we strive to combine the most powerful and sustainable design with innovative technology. We wish to invite everyone aboard for the best experiences at sea.

At our yard on the Bavarian shores of Lake Constance we develop ultra-light carbon fibre-based Super Sport Yachts.

Backed by decades of boat-building experience combined with engineering know-how gained in the Formula 1 race car business, we carefully hand-craft our boats one by one.

As the very first – fully solar powered – production yacht in the history of nautical travel, the SILENT 64 crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean in February 2018. This extraordinary achievement proved the outstanding durability and efficiency of the SILENT solar-electric drivetrain even during unfavorable and rough weather conditions.