Test drive in Stockholm

In the spring we will get two electric boats from RAND boats that will be available for test drive in our beautiful archipelago. We will tour around various popular ports throughout the season. Kalender for this events will be sent via our newsletter and also shown on our Facebook page.

One boat is a RAND Play 24 configured as an entry level boat with a Torqueedo Deep Blue 50T (50 kW, 80 hp) outboard engine and a Torqueedo Deep Blue 40 kW BMW i3 battery. This boat is designed for a slower pace. This can also be ordered with a powerfull inboard on eg. 100kW or more.

The second boat is a RAND Lesiure 28 configured with a powerful electric motor of 155kW (peak 205kW) and a battery bank of a full 93 kW.
This boat has top performance with top speed well above 30 knots and a solid range.

Contact us and we will help you to customize your boat.